For fixing things

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Here are two of my favorite things for fixing stuff. Zip Strips and metal clips. Zip strips come in a variety of sizes and colors. I think we have every size. They have more uses than I can list.

I use them for outdoor holiday decorations and recently I used s few to create hangers for some mops and brooms so that I could hang them on some pegs. They are strong and the only way to remove them is by cutting them.

The metal clips are a real estate thing. We use them to attach the sign rider to the bottom of the sign. Zip stips work for that too. I use the metal Clippy things to secure my pannier bags to my bike. I have also used them as hooks for hanging planters. They have some of the same uses “S” hooks have but they are more secure.

If you are going to fix something this weekend go get some Zip Strips. The clippey things, have to be ordered. I order them from my sign company.  Just google “metal sign rider clips” to find them the online.


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