Wildlife in the city

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is the last day of May. It has been an April like May. That is all I’ll say.

We have wildlife here in St. Paul. I have seen fox in the alley and a deer in my next door neighbors yard. One day last winter there was a hawk in the yard and I have seen bald eagles fly overhead and occasionally land in trees, roofs or on telephone poles.

This week I saw a raccoon foraging in a nearby neighbors trash and a pair of turkeys eating dandelion seeds in our backyard.

Turkeys can be found almost anywhere in St. Paul. I saw one walking down the street just outside of Rice Park in downtown St. Paul last March.

They are large and somewhat afraid of people. The raccoons are also large and have been known to climb downtown office buildings. They tend to keep their distance from humans but just love our trash.

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