St. Paul Vs. Minneapolis

view of downtowns
View of St. Paul and Minneapolis from Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul

We call them the “Twin Cities”. They are not identical twins that is for sure. For some Minneapolis is the place to go for fun and St. Paul is the place to call home and get a good nights sleep.

The personalities of the two cities are quite different. St. Paul is much more like a small town. I like to use the word parochial.

Minneapolis has fewer hills and is much more bikeable than St. Paul but I have to say as a St. Paulite I am not afraid to climb a hill or two or go over a few bridges. That keeps my legs strong in case I ever have to race someone in Minneapolis.

Both cities have many lovely parks. In fact, a person could just live in the Twin Cities because of the parks.

The picture was taken at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul. It shows both downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis is off to the right.

Often the two cities get lumped together. I am never surprised when I find out that the actual location of a Minneapolis event could be in St. Paul or in Bloomington.

Even though each of the twins has it’s own downtown, when someone refers to downtown they almost always mean Minneapolis. . . unless they are from St. Paul.

The median asking price for a home in Minneapolis is $349,900 and the median asking price for a home in St. Paul is $274,750. The prices are as of yesterday.

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