The paradox of the Lime Scooter

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. We don’t have shared bikes in St. Paul but we do have electric scooters. I often see scooters on the sidewalks in and around downtown where it is just about impossible to ride anything but a car, bus or train in the street.

There is a sticker on the scooters that states that they should not be ridden on the sidewalks yet there is no place to ride them in the street. The streets either have light rail tracks, deep potholes, or are high traffic with narrow lanes and cars parked on both sides.

Some of the streets have all of the conditions I listed above and a bunch of lime scooters parked on the sidewalk. The sidewalks are not in very good shape either but are somewhat safer than the street. Safer for scooters but not for walkers.

Lime scooter
Lime scooters

I have also noticed that people like to ride the scooters to the bar. What could possibly go wrong?

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