Put the family photos away

It isn’t unusual to have family photos hanging on the walls throughout a home. When I put a home on the market I often ask the owners to put the family photos away. Home buyers are distracted by family photos. Unfortunately, they are some of the clutter we talk about when we ask homeowners to declutter.

Sometimes family pictures show up in the interior pictures of homes for sale. Something to consider for those who value privacy.


We want buyers to look at the home and imagine themselves living in it instead of trying to imagine the current owners living in the home. There are many other ordinary items we have in our homes that personalize them or clutter them up depending upon how you look at it and I have found all sorts of interesting and unique items in the homes I have shown, listed or photographed including rooms with animal heads on the walls. After I leave the home all I really remember about it is the brown eyes of the dead deer looking back at me.

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