Facebook has replaced medical school

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I can ask any question about anything on Facebook and I will get answers. 

Me on Facebook: I plan on performing open heart surgery and am looking for advice. Thanks.

Facebook Friend(s) who has never performed any kind of surgery:

  1. Stick them with the pointy end.
  2. Wash your hands before…. and after
  3. Cut deep, they may have thick skin
  4. Probably best to practice on someone else first
  5. Play it by ear
  6. When I do my open heart surgeries I always bring my cordless Worx saw. Works great!
    Tip: best to change to a fine blade for the initial cut. Minimizes splatter.
  7. The heart is located in the chest. Most people have one, I think.
  8. Choose a good patient
  9. Facebook is the best source for information
  10. Measure twice cut once. Trust me, I’m a white man and am therefore an authority on most topics.
  11. Google it then ask a bunch of strangers who also have no expertise on the subject until you get the answer(s) you want to hear
  12. Practice makes perfect.

People just love to give advice. Sometimes people ask their Facebook friends for medical advice. I kind of understand that considering how expensive medical care is and how hard it is to find good medical care.

There are people who consult Facebook whenever they have a question about anything. There is plenty of advice for home buyers and sellers too.

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