Bad landscaping Vs. Good landscaping

Great landscaping around a home has a high return on the dollar. It can be a great investment. Homeowners can do there own landscaping but should do a little research first.

Here is a short list of common landscaping mistakes that I see often.

  1. Shade plants in sunny areas.
  2. Sun-loving plants in the shade.
  3. Plants put too close together so that they are crowded and do not have room to grow.
  4. Planting too close to the house.
  5. Too many plants for the size of the space.
  6. Bushes and trees that completely block the view from the house to the street.

There are numerous books about landscaping. They can even be found at home improvement stores.

Neighborhood nurseries often offer advice and will answer questions about plants and landscaping for those who want to do it themselves.

When searching the internet for ideas make sure that the websites are for Minnesota gardens.

I have made just about every landscaping mistake a person can make. My biggest mistake was planting a small every green bush that was 6 inches high but grew to be eight feet tall.

Removing plants is not nearly as much fun and sometimes much more expensive than planting them.

It is important to have a plan and to choose the right plants for the plan. It helps to have an understanding of what size the plants will be as they mature and how much space, water and light each plant needs.






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