Is there mold in the house?

green house
House on Michigan Street – West 7th neighborhood

Mold is everywhere and it is more complicated than you might think. Most molds are not harmful to humans but all molds have the potential to be harmful to humans, or harmful to some humans.

There is no mold standard. With radon and other substances, there are thresholds and guidelines for how much is too much.

Mold can be removed from a home by removing moldy items and stopping moisture from getting in and or cleaning up the affected area. I am a fan of using chlorine bleach if possible.

Damp basements are common this time of year. I can usually tell by the smell if a basement is moldy.

There probably isn’t such a thing as a mold free house.

What about mold testing?

“Many people want to test their home for mold. In most situations, MDH does not recommend mold testing. There are several reasons for this:

Proper mold testing is expensive – If you can see or smell mold in your home, you know you have a mold problem. There are several ways to test for mold, and each test has different advantages. In order to get a good idea of a mold problem, several types of test are needed. It is usually better to use the money you would spend on testing to solve the moisture issues and clean up the mold.” [Minnesota Department of Health]

One of the best sources of information about mold and other sources of indoor air pollution is the Minnesota Department of Health.  Which is where I send home buyers who have questions. I am not qualified to say what is safe and what isn’t and I am not qualified to identify mold types.

Should you buy a house with mold in it?  Can you buy a mold free house?

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