what is happening in your home during the open house?

Last weekend I ended up attending a few open houses with some clients I was house hunting with. I had made appointments to see the homes and the appointments just happen to be at the same time as the open house.

When I go into an open house I introduce myself and my clients and I hand the agent a business card.

One of the agents I met did not know anything about the house and could not answer buyer questions. He was also rude. He was young and did mention that it wasn’t his listing. Open houses really are for agents, not home sellers or buyers. They are a great way for new agents to meet homebuyers and attempt to get them under contract.

At another open house, I mentioned an obvious defect to my clients. The agent conducting the open overheard me and told me I was wrong. There was some back and forth and my clients were highly amused.

It isn’t wise to state that something isn’t broken. Agents and homeowners should never try to conceal defects. Saying that something is in working order is almost like a warranty and is certainly beyond the expertise of most real estate agents.

If she felt she had to say something she could have just acknowledge the remark without comment.

In another open house, two agents were talking to each other and totally ignored us after I handed them my card and introduced my clients. The better practice would be to ask the buyers if they have any questions and let the agent know she can call with questions if they come up later on. A pro might even give a pitch for the house and point out a feature that is special.

Open houses are supposed to be welcoming and they should be conducted by someone who is professional and knowledgable about the property. The person or persons should be outgoing and friendly to all who enter the home.

I don’t do open houses myself. Mainly because I do not enjoy them and I think it shows.  When I ask someone to do an open house for me I only consider people who are good at it. I know people who absolutely love doing opens and are able to act as gracious hosts.

We are in a strong seller market. All of the houses except that one overpriced house that we saw last weekend have offers on them. Which means that open houses probably are not necessary and a bad open house won’t ruin the chances of getting an offer.

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