West 7th infographic

Even though I don’t like infographics I have always wanted to create one.  I took some census data for the West 7th neighborhood in St. Paul and made created an infographic about housing.

The data suggests that houses in the West 7th area are old and there are more people renting homes than there are owner occupying. I did not put it on the infographic by about 1/3 or West 7th residents are spending more than 30% of their income on housing. Using my handy dandy mortgage calculator I can guestimate that monthly payments for renting are about the same as mortgage payments on a median-priced home.

I moved into the neighborhood more than 35 years ago mostly by accident. We had selected an apartment to rent in another neighborhood. I happen to run into our landlord and I told him we would be moving. When I told him where we were moving he suggested we look at an apartment he had available in the west 7th neighborhood.

We loved the apartment and lived in it for 7 years and liked the neighborhood so well that we bought a house a block away from the rental.

west 7th neoghborhood
west 7th info graphic
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