Spring ahead for 2019

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Spring ahead March 10. 2018

I don’t think people appreciate Realtors the way they should.  If not for Realtors we would not get these wonderful postcards and emails as friendly reminders that it is time to move the clocks ahead an hour and spend two weeks mourning the loss of an hour.

In fact, the reason we still have daylight savings time is to give Realtors and others a chance to advertise. There used to be some other reason that has been long forgotten.

So here it is your daylight savings reminder postcard.  Set your clocks ahead the recommended one hour and call me so I can sell your house or if you don’t have one I can sell you one.  Daylight savings time begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 10 but you don’t have to wait to spring ahead.

I usually miss the hour that was taken away from me but I know I’ll get it back.

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