Social media do’s and don’ts for home buyers

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Social media has been around awhile and there are people who use it to ask their friends for advice on every subject including how to buy a house.

This is going to come as a shock to many out there but your friends don’t have the answers. Maybe they bought one house once. They have an experience which isn’t the same as experience and their advice isn’t going to help.

There are a lot of real estate agents on social media and they will also offer advice. So will people who have opinions on how to buy a house but no experience or experience from 20 years ago.

Sometimes home buyers post about the process step by step on Facebook. They want to keep their Facebook friends in the loop.

One of the first things I do when I get an offer on one of my listings is I look for the buyer on Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, and Instagram.

First I am looking to verify their identity and I am looking for insight into how important the purchase is to them. Are they struggling to afford it? Do they love it so much that they will pay full price or more? I gather any and all information I think may help me advise my clients and negotiate the very best terms for them.

The only “do” I can think of is to limit who sees your posts on social media. If you must share with “friends” make sure they are people that you actually know and are friends.

I once walked away from the opportunity to work with a home buyer because she shared every little detail on Facebook and I didn’t want my name or reputation dragged into the drama. Everything in her life has been a huge struggle. The drama continued after the home purchase as there were numerous problems with the house.

There are no secrets on social media or on the internet for that matter.

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