St. Patrick’s day parade 2019

St. Patrick’s day is tomorrow but the drinking and debauchery shall commence today. The annual St. Patrick’s Day parade starts at noon on March 16th  in downtown St. Paul. The route begins at Wacouta and 5th St. E and moves westbound along 5th St., to Washington St., to 4th Street, dispersing for the finale between St. Peter and Wabasha streets. Spectators can space themselves anywhere along the route. Chairs and blankets are welcomed to reserve your spots.

The temperature for this annual event can be below zero or  70 above zero. This year we should have partly cloudy skies and temperatures slightly below freezing. I recommend standing in the sun along the parade route if possible.

After the parade, there will be a lot of beer along West 7th street and food too. If you are new to St. Paul I want to tell you that St. Patrick’s day is a very big deal here.

st. patrick's day prade
2018 St. Patrick’s day parade
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