The short parade

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Last weekend I attended the Saint Paul Winter Carnival Grand Day Parade. It was an abbreviated version of the 90-minute parade we usually have. I am not sure why. It was cold on Saturday but I have attended the parades in colder weather. The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is all about cold weather.

The Carnival is an ancient Minnesota tradition. With the right gear going outside to watch a parade can be fun. I wore a few layers and a down jacket and some mighty heavy Sorel boots. I even managed to visit the ice sculptures on Sunday. The artists were still carving.

That was all so last week when the world was a warmer place.

This is the first year I recall seeing Krampus in the parade and for some reason, they took a special interest in me.


The Vulcans were there too.


The much warmer Saint Paul Winter Carnival torchlight parade will be held tonight in downtown St. Paul. It will be warm out too, like above freezing but there may be some freezing drizzle.



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