How many houses do I need to see?

Home buyers always want to know how many houses they should see before they make an offer.  A decade or so ago there were many houses on the market to choose from. Today there are not so many but the answer to the question: “How many houses do I need to see?” hasn’t changed, it is still “it depends”.

It helps to start with a list of “must have” and “nice to have”.  Choosing a neighborhood or a couple of neighborhoods makes the home shopping process much easier. During the 17 years, I have helped people find that perfect home I have observed that people who are open to any neighborhood and who search in many neighborhoods usually do not find a house they want to buy.

Some home buyers spend hours online doing research and end up making an offer on the first or second house they tour. The internet is the best screening tool ever for house hunters. Use Google Maps to view the home from the street and check out the properties next door. Access sites like Zillow to get a rough estimate of the value of the home. Check property tax records for tax assessors valuation.

Part of my job when I am in the role of a buyer’s agent is to provide information about real estate. I can answer most questions because I have access to a lot of data and because I know people. 🙂

Some buyers drive by houses for sale, others walk the neighborhood and talk to nearby neighbors.

Most buyers need to see as many houses as they need to see before they are ready to make an offer. I have worked with clients who have looked at dozens of houses over a period of a couple of years before they have found the right one. Every year I work with at least one buyer who tours one home and makes an offer on it.

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