No it isn’t always THAT cold in Minnesota

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. There are people from other parts of the country who believe that temperatures are below zero during most of the winter in Minnesota and that it is cold here all the time.

The horrific -27-degree weather we had at the end of January is actually pretty unusual in the Twin Cities Metro area which is in the South Eastern part of the state. Temperatures in the double digits below zero are far more common in the Northern part of the state.

Winter isn’t what it used to be. Minnesota is warming faster than almost any other in the U.S. The winters are getting warmer than they used to be, and there is data to prove it. (MNDNR) It doesn’t feel warmer but I have noticed the gardening season starts earlier and we do have fewer days below zero than we used to.

I won’t claim to enjoy winter because I don’t enjoy it but I do make the most of it. Having the right kind of winter outerwear is essential. It requires a wardrobe of winter wear that is appropriate for about a 50-degree temperature range that goes from chilly to just kill me now. I think we are headed for double digits below zero today.

We don’t get snow every day, and we never get it in July. Dressing for snow is a little different than dressing for the cold. This week we get snow and cold which isn’t unusual because the temperature often drops after a snowstorm. The coldest weeks are usually from the middle of January to the middle of February. Before and after that it is just cold.

Winter can be beautiful. . . sometimes. I like the way the snow looks against the brick. Happy Friday, stay warm!

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