It is never too late to winterize

I usually write about this in the fall. I have seen what happens when pipes freeze and then burst. I have seen it happen in homes that were on the market too. One homeowner was able to minimize the damage by having a plumber thaw out the pipes after she turned the water off and before she turned the heat back on. She ended up with one broken pipe and had to replace most of the faucets.

If your home is vacant and is on the market please have it winterized.  Furnaces can fail and frozen pipes can burst when they thaw and that leaves a really big mess.

The process involves turning off the water and draining anything that has water in it like pipes, the water heater, and the heating system if it is a hot water type boiler. You can winterize your own home it isn’t all that difficult especially if you have a forced air furnace but most people prefer to use a contractor. If you don’t know who to call try your local heating and plumbing company.

Also, call the insurance company. Some homeowners insurance will not cover damage to vacant homes. You may need to pay a little more for insurance but it may be worth it.

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