2018 seems so long ago now

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I was thinking about 2018 and what I think was the biggest story of the year in St. Paul. It all seems so long ago but it was just last June when St. Paul made the national and international news, because a raccoon climbed a 25 story office building downtown. #MPRraccoon  It took the critter hours and hours. The tired rodent took a nap on the roof of the building before being captured and removed.

If there is a life lesson it is about how hard the little raccoon worked to climb the building and how all of that work was wasted when she was captured and brought back down to the ground by a man. Apparently she just wanted some pigeon eggs for breakfast and she knew where she could find some.

The news media did an excellent job of covering the event but I thought I would use my crazy photojournalistic skills to fill in some of what the media did not cover. After all, it is Friday. (Scroll over the photos or click on them to see captions)


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