In Minnesota heating is important

Sometimes when I list a home for sale I take a picture of the heating plant. To me they are beautiful. I don’t know what is in your basement but I have a four-year-old high-efficiency Lennox Elite in mine with one of those fancy thermostats that I can control with my phone.

Heating is so important that we can even search the multiple listing service by heating type. There are all sorts of things we can search on that don’t even show up on the big portal websites.

In our MLS – Multiple Listing Service – or database of homes for sale there are 15 types of heating and we can search for a home based on heating type. The infographic shows each type of heating and the percentage of homes currently listed that have it.  I know here in the city forced air and natural gas is the most common combination. I have had clients who wanted me to search for homes based on the heating type. The most common requests are for hot water or forced air. People also look for houses with or without fireplaces but not as a primary heat source.

Sometimes I find those old gravity furnaces in old houses. I love to photograph them and have quite a collection of pictures.


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