How to get your stuff stolen

It happens every day. People leave valuable is their cars and the valuables get stolen. I know some folks who don’t lock their cars because they don’t want the windows smashed they would rather just let someone open the door and rummage around.

If you are new to St. Paul and park on the street or anywhere outside I can tell you for sure that if you leave valuables in your car they will get stolen. I would like to add that it isn’t your fault that they get stolen but you won’t get your valuables back and the police are not much help in such situations.

There are times when you may need to leave something valuable in your car. Consider leaving items like iPads and laptop computers in your trunk if you absolutely have to leave them in your car.

Theft from cars is such a common crime in St. Paul yet people still leave valuables in their car. Please don’t do that anymore.

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