Unexpected fun last Friday

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. We had a fun surprise last Friday. The Smith Ave. High Bridge reopened. It was closed for 15 months for redecking.

I missed the bridge and had to cut through downtown St. Paul to get to the west side. I missed being able to walk and bike over the bridge too.

About an hour after the bridge opened I walked across it. I have to say it sure feels safer for walking and the new railing makes it possible to really enjoy the view. There aren’t any speed limit signs on the bridge which makes sense because few drivers observe the speed limit and it was never enforced.

The railings have been redesigned to make the bridge harder to jump off. It is also a lot more pedestrian friendly with the new barrier. There are a lot of people who walk the bridge.

There will be a grand re-opening on the North side of the bridge, December 2, 2018, at 1:00 PM.  There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a walk and public celebration at the Capital View Cafe.

Smith ave Highbridge – over Mississippi River
view from High Bridge on a November afternoon
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