Throwback Thursday

This was originally published in early December 2010. It was a simpler time long ago, yet not all that different from today. We got over a foot of snow in that storm. In comparison, the snow we got last night is like a trail snow storm so that we can prepare for the real thing.

I am happy to report that I replaced the shovel that I broke removing snow from last April’s blizzard. I’ll get try it out today and make sure it works and maybe break it in a little.

Snowstorms can be unpredictable and so is life. Be careful out there.

letitsnow wm
Mears Park – Downtown St. Paul

It has been snowing since midnight and it looks like this storm is going to be even bigger than #snowmageddon09 which really was overhyped as a storm.   I recall it dropped about a half foot of snow.  Some are calling this storm #snowmygod but I like #snowpocalypse as the national weather service is still predicting 12 to 16 inches in the Twin Cities.  I am thankful that it is Saturday.

frosts wm
W.A. Frosts on Selby Avenue
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