Parking used to be the big issue

I like to describe the city of St. Paul as parochial. It is parochial in a curmudgeonly old Uncle kind of way. We love the old Uncle he is family.

Last October the City launched a city-wide garbage pick-up program. They sent us new carts for our garbage after sending out postcards asking us which size we wanted.

Several of my immediate neighbors’ had trouble with the instructions about when to use the new carts and when to stop using the old ones. The people who did not respond to the postcards sent to every home were given whichever cart the city thought they should have.

For some people, trash removal costs went up. For some of us, they went down. Our bill will be about half of what it was. Add on the property tax assessment for the new cart and we are still paying less.

Citywide trash collection has been a popular topic for newspaper letters to the editor and for conversation in neighborhood Facebook groups. Neighbors are outraged by the new system. Many say it is too expensive. They don’t want the City to be involved in refuse removal and I think some don’t like the color of the new carts.

I would agree that if the city is involved it can get messed up but in this case, the city isn’t doing the work they are managing the contract. What could possibly go wrong?

There is a bright side though. It seems like there is a lot less complaining about parking and permit parking.

There is still confusion over the new program. There are rumors and there is a lot of drama and pain as neighbors discuss the new program. All of the details about who gets which cart and why can be found o the City of St. Paul website. The city moves pages on a regular basis so that links get broken. If the link doesn’t work search of the words “St. Paul residential garbage”.

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