Poking fun at Fall in Minnesota

Fall Magazine

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. We really do live in the North which isn’t the same as living in Iowa which is in the Midwest.

The heating season officially begins on the 15th. That means that it is about time to turn on that big thing in the basement that makes all the noise and go out and get a furnace filter or twelve. . . unless the big thing on the basement is a hot water boiler.

Within the next couple of weeks, mittens or gloves will be a real possibility. Last weekend when I rode my bike to the Farmer’s market I wore gloves for the first time since last Spring.

It is nice to be able to wear sweaters again and we won’t be needing as much sunscreen. In my neighborhood, there have been two Octoberfests already and more are scheduled. I expect the trend to continue until May because that is the only way to get rid of the thousands of gallons of locally brewed beer.

Now I feel all festive.

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