Holiday Decorations – Less is best

We are just a few weeks away from the holiday season. If your home is on the market or is going to be on the market during the holidays and you like to decorate for the holidays go ahead and decorate.

Keep your decorations simple. If you have collections and villages and multiple trees pack them up and get them ready for the big move.

If you celebrate Christmas there isn’t anything wrong with getting a tree and decorating it. Lights are a good thing during the short days of December.

If your home is small keep the decorations small and if necessary remove other items from the room to make more room for decorations.  Even holiday decorations can look like clutter is there are too many, and they can make a home look small if they are too large.

Also, consider asking to have your home put in a “temporarily not available to show” status for a few days or a week if you want to have a quiet holiday celebration. Your house will still be for sale, it is like putting it on hold and stopping the clock.

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