Bad staging is worse than no staging

It seems like it took years to sell people on the idea of staging but I am still finding real estate agents and homeowners who don’t understand what staging a home to sell is all about.

It isn’t about cramming the place full of furniture, lamps, books, and rugs and filling the wall space with artwork with lots of words and fancy lettering.

Staging is more about cleaning, decluttering and making needed repairs or upgrades. Most of the houses I sell have too much furniture and furniture needs to be removed not added.

Effective home staging for an occupied home can include removing pieces of furniture and family photos from the walls. Clearing horizontal surfaces and re-arranging shelves and artwork.

Lighting is very important yet often overlooked. Rooms should be well lit.

There is no need to over think it. Moving a chair from one place to another isn’t going to cause a home to sell for more or less.

I am not convinced that a vacant house needs to have furniture put in it to help it sell. I love the look of clean empty rooms. To me, there isn’t any room that is more pleasing than one that is empty. I don’t have any problem seeing the possibilities or imagining it with my own stuff in it.

If the house needs a little work and a good cleaning filling it with a stagers furniture isn’t going to help. In fact, bad staging might even make it worse.

well staged bedroom  
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