September is national safety month

Safety tips for REALTORS

Did you know that September is national safety month for REALTORS®? Well, it is. There are times when the job can be dangerous. Meeting strangers in vacant homes can be dangerous.

Open houses can be dangerous too, the agent can become a target.

Sometimes men call female real estate agents with the intent to get them out and someplace where they can be attacked.

All jobs are dangerous and I don’t think being a real estate agent is more dangerous than any other occupation. I think we just need to understand which situations can put us in danger.

We are targets for email and money wiring scams more so than other individuals or businesses. Real estate is used to launder money. People need clean money right?

For me, national safety month serves as a reminder to be more aware of what is going on around me and to remind my peers to be careful out there.

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