tumble weeds roll down St. Peter St.

Downtown St. Paul – Plenty of parking

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun but I am writing about July 4th in St. Paul anyway.

It was hot and stormy on the 4th but in between rain storms I went out for a walk. Downtown was kind of spooky an totally vacant except for Candy Land. I stopped in and bought a small bag of Chicago mix. I understand why the restaurants were closed. If they had opened they would have been empty.

Downtown was quiet except for the echo from explosive being detonated from the river bluff. The noise started when the rain stopped. The firecrackers, cherry bombs, and bottle rockets and assorted high flying fireworks. Fireworks are illegal in Minnesota but the law is not enforced in St. Paul.

If it had been a bit cooler out and less rainy I would have enjoyed riding my bike down the middle of the street.

St. Paul doesn’t have a public fireworks display. It all has to do with the ballpark in Lowertown. If I had known that the park would mean the end of public fireworks displays I would not have been in favor of building it.

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