Working with buyers or sellers

From the rose garden

I work with buyers and with sellers just not at the same time because I am not a fan of dual agency, which what happens when one agent works with both the buyer and the seller or there are two agents but both are under the same broker.

There are agents who are buyer’s agents only and some who only work with sellers. Agent teams often have specialists. I like working with both and I think it helps me to do a better job.

I learn things from working with buyers that I share with my seller clients. In fact, at this point, I have a feel for how buyers will react to a house and I can give my seller clients tips based on that. When negotiating I can use my experience with sellers to help the buyers. I can explain why home sellers do the things they do.

As an agent, broker and the owner of a real estate company I am well rounded in the whole process of home buying and selling and I have an understanding of how real estate companies operate and why and I understand the games agents play all to well.

What I have learned from running a real estate company is as interesting as what I have learned from home buyers and sellers over the years.

There is always something new to learn and that keeps it all interesting.

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