Snow in June it happens every year

Clearing the steps April 15th

I’ll admit I write about this every year. There hasn’t been any snow on the ground in these parts for a couple of months. Homes are selling quickly yet I still see a lot of snow in listing photos.

Home buyers and agents know the home has been on the market for awhile. Real estate professionals know that the agent listing the home isn’t doing a very good job. Maybe the sellers don’t care but they should.

Back when it took months to sell a home instead of hours or days we sometimes had to take pictures of houses two or three times to reflect the season and to freshen up the marketing.

It is super easy to take a new picture and upload it so that the first thing a buyer sees is a picture of the home that was taken in June. Sometimes changing the picture will actually attract more buyers who will notice the home more than they notice the snow.





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