First home with second hand furnishings

It is easier than ever before to furnish a home with second-hand furniture. There is furniture in various thrift shops and second-hand furniture stores around town and there is Facebook marketplace and of course Craig’s list.

Garage sales present some opportunities as well. There are “curb alerts’ in various Facebook groups for people who just want to give stuff away. they leave it on a curb.

There are a couple of pieces of furniture in my own home that I got before there was social media or Craig’s list. I found it by a dumpster and hauled it home.

Household items like dishes, cups, pots and pans and even crystal punch bowls are easy to find at thrift shops like Goodwill or my own favorite St. Vincent de Paul on West 7th.

It takes some patience and sometimes sanders, glue and paint to furnish an entire house with thrift shop finds. it isn’t like going to a furniture store and it all at once or one room at a time. It can take months or years.

Don’t forget the artwork. A home with bare walls doesn’t seem like a home at all.

Knowing what I know now if I were to start all over again with no furniture I would not be in a hurry to fill each room in a house. It is easier to acquire stuff than it is to get rid of it. Hunting for furniture and refinishing or upcycling can be a lot of fun.

Lost objects on West 7th street


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