We did not go anywhere

If you are reading this. Welcome back.

This site has been down since Saturday, June 9th due to a DDos attack. The attack is about making the network unavailable to people who try to come to the site. it isn’t contagious and has nothing to do with my blog.

The server where it is hosted was attacked. DDos stands for “distributed denial of service’. The way it works is incoming traffic floods the victim and the traffic originates from many different sources. This effectively makes it impossible to stop the attack simply by blocking a single source.

Denial of service attacks create a lot of work for the people who maintain the servers and they result in downtime for sites like mine and it can have a negative impact on my business because the site has all kind of links that people who are interested in buying or selling houses use.

Being hacked and being the target of email scams have been a common experience for me in recent years but having my sites down for several days because of a denial of service attack is new for me. Right now I can not think of a thing I can do to protect myself.  The site is backed up constantly and I change the passwords on a regular basis.

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