touring houses with buyers

One of my favorite things to do is to tour homes that are for sale with buyers. I have always enjoyed the house hunting process and I am lucky that I get to do it often.

When touring houses home buyers should:

1.  Wear slip-on shoes

2.  If you plan on bringing the family make sure everyone visits the restroom before you go house hunting.  Vacant houses don’t always have the water turned on.

3. Keep an eye on your children.

4. Do not take pictures or video of the home without the owner’s permission.

This is the list for agents:

  • Leave your business card in the house after the showing as a courtesy to the seller, unless showing instructions ask you not to leave a card.
  • Make sure you’ve confirmed the showing so you or your clients are not waiting or turned away
  • If the showing gets canceled or postponed, let the listing office know immediately so the seller can be contacted
  • Stay within the appointment time frame.
  • Use your own app or e-key to open the property for a showing
  • Take your shoes off before you start the showing — a good sign of respect to the current homeowner
  • View the home together with your potential buyer — avoid letting them roam the home by themselves
  • Never allow buyers to enter a property unaccompanied
  • Honor the listing agent’s relationship with the seller and encourage the seller to direct all questions to his or her agent
  • Have a listing sheet ready with all the info of the property for buyers to easily refer back to. (I have it all on my phone)
  • Respect your client by limiting your use of cell phones or computers to the business a hand
  • Don’t allow anyone to eat, drink, smoke, dispose of trash or bring pets into the property
  • Double check that all doors & windows are locked before you leave the property
  • Report any problems with the property to the Listing Agent

I would add to this that agents should knock on the door first.  I try to remember to do that.  You just never know when there is a miscommunication. Earlier this week I was touring a home and there was someone in it. I had knocked first.

It is important to remember that homes for sale are someone else’s private property and that people may be living in the home.

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