Home sales and prices by neighborhood

Today I have the numbers for April home sales by neighborhood for the city of St. Paul. The data I have captures most of the sales of single-family residences including townhouses and condos within the city limits.

There were more homes on the market in April than in any other month so far in 2018 which is to be expected. The month of April is often the month with the highest number of new listings and the highest number of sales. It is also the month with the highest prices.

Last year prices went down slightly in May from April numbers and then peaked in June of 2017.

In some neighborhoods, the sale price was higher on average than the asking price which usually indicates prices are rising.

The shortage of homes for sale continues but for the last three months, the number of homes on the market has gone up slightly each month. The average number of days on the market in April was less than 25 days.

April home sales st. paul
April home sales

I like numbers, they help me make sense out of the housing market. There are some myths out there.

For more local numbers see Local market conditions and home prices.

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