Getting ready to sell a house?

Here in St. Paul people who want to sell their house will need to get a truth in housing inspection. TISH for short. The program is run by the City of St. Paul. The inspection is pretty basic and no repairs are required with one exception. Homes are required to have one hardwired smoke alarm with battery back-up.

The city has specific requirements as to where and how this smoke alarm/detector is to be mounted. In most cases, an electrician will need to do it and a permit will be required.

The city has a list of qualified inspectors who can perform the inspection and prepare the report.  The inspection will not be free and is required. The city has a list of common deficiencies.  It is a good idea to make repairs before the inspection if possible.

Even though repairs are not required when a buyer sees a report with a lot of items on it that are hazardous or below minimum standards they may not want to make a full priced offer or any offer at all.

The houses in St. Paul are old. Most truth in housing reports have several items on them that are below minimum standards but it is a myth that houses have to be brought up to code or that repairs have to be made.

Building code is local and it changes over time. St. Paul building code was very different in the late 1850’s when my home was built than it is today.

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