New construction in St. Paul

There is very little new construction in St. Paul and prices start at over half a million for a single-family home.

There is always some affordable in-fill type construction where someone buys a lot and builds a house on it. Expect few opportunities and multiple offers.

Some of the new construction is on small lots where small houses used to be. I have seen a few where the house barely fits on the lot and towers over its neighbors.

There are new luxury apartments in St. Paul and some new hotels too. There has been some building going on since the great recession but very little affordable housing.

I don’t want to chase anyone away but in general, the houses in St. Paul are old because St. Paul is old.

If you don’t like old houses and want to new construction that is affordable head on out to the suburbs. For new construction that is priced for less than 250K try Isanti county.

New construction – 600Kish
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