New Mayor could mean fireworks

July 4th Fireworks in St. Paul

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I decided to write a letter to our new Mayor. It was about bringing back fireworks. Back in the day before CHS field was built, we used to have these beautiful fireworks on July 4th. They were launched over our great natural resource, the Mississippi River.

After CHS field was built it became the new home of July 4th fireworks. The field is in the lowest part of St. Paul and is surrounded by tall buildings. If there is a baseball game the fireworks might be delayed by an hour or so.

The CHS field venue guarantees the smallest possible audience. There are rules about how high the fireworks can be launched because there is an airport close by and it is the lowest point in St. Paul.  I suppose it would be worse if they were set off indoors someplace.

I never would have supported CHS field if I had known it would mean the end of public fireworks on July 4th. We used to go outside and head for the nearest bridge or river bluff. We would meet neighbors along the way and talk amongst ourselves as we waited for the big display.

The fireworks could be seen for miles. Some people would grab blankets and watch them from the parks. Others watched then from boats. It really was beautiful. I am happy that I took the time to take some pictures.

I really miss those fireworks. I hope there is someway we can celebrate July 4th like we used to. Like they do over in Minneapolis with “Red, White, and Boom”. The fireworks are launched over the river and are free for everyone to see.

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