Looking for homes to buy

Right now I have at least a half dozen home buyers who are pre-approved for a loan and well qualified to buy a home. There are so few houses on the market it is hard to find that perfect home for that wonderful home buyers.

Yesterday I started looking through some of the homes that were on the market last year but did not sell and were taken off the market. There are one or two homes that could work for my clients and I’ll be contacting those homeowners today to see if they still want to sell.

If you had your home on the market last year and it did not sell and if you still want to sell it now might be a good time to try it again. I found a couple of homes that were priced too high last fall but prices continue to go up.

A few of the homes that did not sell looked dark and dingy due to poor interior photographs. That is an easy problem to solve.

There are also several homes that had offers on them but it looks like buyer and seller were unable to agree on terms after the inspection. Getting through the inspection phase can be challenging but most of the time we can come to an agreement that works for both parties.

If you would like a free no obligation consultation about what it would take to sell your home please contact me.

Restored homes – Little Bohemia neighborhood
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