It isn’t always cold here

If you are here from out of town for the big game you need to know that it isn’t always cold here. We just happened to have one of those miserable cold snaps on Super Bowl weekend and it could have been much worse.

I know many Minnesotan’s including myself who have not adopted the mantra “the colder the better”.

Sometimes when it is cold we have to be outside. I have all the clothing required to comfortably stay outside in weather that is up to forty below zero.

The museums are open during the winter and always warm inside. There is art and history and theater too. There are wonderful places to eat with lovely warm fireplaces. I can’t imagine ever running out of things to do in the winter or any other time of year.

Cold snaps rarely last more than a few days leaving plenty of winter days for outdoor activities. When it is as cold as it is today I focus on indoor activities. I always have “winter” projects to do around the house.

This winter I am working on a backsplash in the kitchen and some painting. I have a list of indoor projects that I plan to get done so that when the weather is nice I can spend my time outside.

We have four seasons here in Minnesota. If you are not crazy about cold weather you should come and check out the Minnesota State Fair. It runs from 9/23/2018 to 9/3/2018 this year. Better yet come back for fishing opener and enjoy one of our 30,000 lakes or if you don’t like to fish bring your kayak or rent a sailboat and just have fun.

For people who like to hike or ride bikes, we have miles and miles of trails and many of them are paved. A person could bike from one end of the state to the other along the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and camp along the way.

If you really love the cold weather and sub-zero windchills good for you. I find it painful and would rather stay inside. I don’t know anyone who lives in Minnesota because it can get so cold here in the winter. We just learn to deal with it. Minnesota has so much more to offer than bone-chilling cold.

St. Paul skyline
spring in St. Paul
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