Climate migration to the bold north

MN Capitol
Minnesota Capitol building

Some folks consider the idea of climate change to be political and others do not believe the climate is changing.

Climate change is kind of like gravity, in that it will exist for everyone even if those who don’t believe in it.

Last week I was contacted by a couple of home buyers who want to move to Minnesota because they believe that it will be a great place to survive climate change.

As one caller pointed out we are not on the coast so rising oceans are not a concern and neither are hurricanes or earthquakes.

Houses are more affordable here than they are in many other places.

We have water in Minnesota, and blue skies and lots of green after the white goes away.

We have jobs. In fact, the unemployment rate in Minnesota is generally lower than the national average. Our economy is strong and diverse.

For people who have money, there are good schools and good medical care in Minnesota.

There are plenty of recreational activities because of the more than ten thousand lakes. Fishing, camping hiking, biking, snowmobiling boating, sailing and so much more.

We rarely see temperatures over 90 degrees but -30 isn’t unheard of.

The state of Minnesota appears at the top of the lists of states that are well run and on solid financial footing.

Yes, we have theaters and art galleries and concert halls in Minnesota. In St. Paul we have art crawls and music in the parks.

People who come to Minnesota from other places often comment on how clean our cities are.

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