Cameras are everywhere

I was touring a home with some buyers when I noticed a camera on one of the bookshelves. The camera was plugged in but I am familiar with the particular model and I don’t think anyone was watching us or recording because the little green light wasn’t blinking.

These cameras are popular as baby monitors and can be set up as motion detectors that will send an email to the owners who can activate an app on their tablet or smartphone or use a computer to get the same view the camera is getting.

In other words, a homeowner could be away and watching people inside their home. The cameras can see and hear, zoom in or out and pan the room.

I originally posted this in early 2014. I have found cameras in homes several times since then. Sometimes it is best for buyers to wait until they are outside the house to talk about it.

There isn’t any rule that I know of that says a homeowner can not have a camera recording in their home.  It isn’t easy letting strangers in and for some a camera makes them feel more secure.



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