What to put in gift baskets for compeditors

Empty gift basket
Empty gift basket

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. In the past six months, two real estate companies have opened offices in the area. One is located a few blocks from my home and another is located just around the corner from my downtown office.

Neither location is new. They are in the oldest parts of the city but are being advertised as great new locations.

Both companies have been sending or sent “grand opening” notices. I feel as though I need to do something special, like a gift basket to welcome each to the neighborhood. For the downtown office, I think a map with the names and locations of condo buildings should be put in the basket.

Few agents seem to really know downtown. Information about parking might also be helpful. Real estate agents resist going downtown because they don’t know where to park. So far the perceived lack of parking and the complexity of our little downtown has kept real estate companies away. real estate agents are afraid of getting lost, being run over by a train or going the wrong way down a one-way street.

The other new office is close to the bars and restaurants on West 7th street that sprung up and expanded because of the Xcel center. When there isn’t an event tumbleweed can be seen rolling down the street unless there is a blizzard.

When there is an event there isn’t any parking. There is always gallons and gallons of craft beer nearby. West 7th street is all about beer, burgers, pizza, and brats. Wine and popcorn might be a good gift to hold them over until they find Candy Land downtown and the new wine bar opens on Grand and Leech.

Both real estate offices are part of large national franchises and are less than a mile apart.  My company is small independent and woman-owned and operated and there isn’t any other like it in the area and I got here first.

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