Choose your house style

There are a variety of housing styles in St. Paul. The city was built over a period of time. The oldest houses are near downtown St. Paul and the newest are around the edges of the city.

If you are looking for a rambler or a split level home with a two car attached garage I would not bother looking in the downtown area but you might find some in the western part of Highland Park and near 3M and Battle Creek.

If you like Tudor style homes look along Summit Avenue or in Merriam Park or in the Cherokee Heights neighborhoods because those are the areas with the biggest concentrations of them.

When choosing a neighborhood consider the housing style and when choosing a housing style consider the neighborhood.   When you find the right combination you may find that you can not afford the style of home that you want in your favorite neighborhood.

Home buyers end up compromising on one or the other.   With today’s smaller inventory of homes on the market, buyers should allow extra time for finding a good fit and should be prepared to move on it when they find it.

In recent years people have been buying houses in their favorite neighborhood, tearing them down and building the kind of home that they want which is of a completely different size and style than what is usually found in the neighborhood. Thankfully that isn’t an option for everyone.

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Tudor style house – Merriam Park
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