The bank taketh away

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Earlier this week I got an overdraft notice from Wells Fargo for a huge amount of money. It seems that there was a glitch and they honored the same check twice and it was a large check.

There isn’t any money to pay other bills this month and of course, to add insult to injury they went ahead and charged an overdraft fee.

It is possible that there are thousands of people who had their bills paid twice by Wells Fargo and are now flat broke.

I was told that it takes 10 days for Wells Fargo to investigate and take action. They made me swear that I didn’t steal the money but refused to swear that they did not steal the money.

At the very least Wells Fargo should pay me an overdraft fee for every day until the money they accidentally removed from my account is restored.

I am fortunate in that I don’t need to make a payment on a credit card bill or pay rent or a mortgage from that account.  Condolences to all who lost all of their money and who still have bills to pay and to those who wrote checks or made payments that bounced.

Even though Wells Fargo is considered too big to fail, I give them an epic fail.


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