SRES Designation – Senior Specialist

I had a little spare time this December and decided to use it wisely. I took some classes and passed the test and got the “Senior Real Estate Specialist” designation (SRES), through the National Association of Realtors.

I have worked with many older home buyers and sellers over the years, including my own parents who bought their last home when they were almost 80 years old.

Moving isn’t easy and it can be especially hard for those who have lived in the same house for a lifetime. There is a process that has changed over the years and a transition that has to be planned for. Through the SRES courses, I got access to resources and ideas that I can use to better support older home buyers and sellers.

When my parents had to move (they were unable to plan ahead)  I took take care of everything and I learned a lot in the process and I have been able to share that experience and what I learned in the classes with my clients and their families.

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Senior Real Estate Specialist
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