Home showings rise as inventory falls

graph of home showings

Homes that are on the market are getting a lot of private showings. I see this with our own listings. An above average number of showings but the feedback from the buyer will state that the house is too small or not what the buyer is looking for.

Normally buyers do not ask to see homes that only sort of match their criteria, but these days they do because there just isn’t much on the market to look at. Sellers need to be aware that in addition to more showings they may also be getting more negative feedback.

Buyers are more willing to see houses for sale that are not quite what they are looking for because there are so few homes on the market. The data on the chart below is coming from “ShowingTime” which is the system local real estate professionals use for setting up private tours of homes that are on the market.

The number of showings per home is higher in St. Paul than the average for the Twin Cities. I am not exactly sure why that is because the shortage of homes is acute in both of the Twin Cities.


graph of home showings
Showings per home
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