Home sales by St. Paul Neighborhood

It is Monday which is the perfect day to look at some home sales numbers for Saint Paul, by neighborhood. The number of homes o the market remains low and the average days on market for October was 23. That means they are selling quickly.

The median home sale price is down from last month and so is the average price. We call that a seasonal variation. Hoem prices generally peak in April or May and reach the low for the year in December of January. If I wanted to buy a home I would be looking right now.

Here are home prices by neighborhood for October 2017. The data was extracted from the NorthstarMLS and includes a high percentage of single family homes including condos and townhouses that were sold last month.

The real estate market has been steady and predictable for the last couple of years and should remain so for the foreseeable future.

average prices by neighborhood
Home sales for October 2017

For more local numbers going back to about 2006 check the Local Market Conditions & home prices category.

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