Friday is for unfriending

Today is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is national unfriend day, which is aimed at Facebook friends, not real friends. I am going to start with the Facebook friends I don’t know and then move on to the ones I don’t like.

I don’t need to unfriend oversharers because I stopped reading their posts long ago. I have “unfollowed” them so I don’t see their posts.

Maybe I’ll unfriend the people who post the “memes” and the “how to be happy” posts. They don’t add any value and what they are posting isn’t even original.

I have dabbled in memes myself. I use my photographs and put words on them. I’ll admit they are different and kind of dark.

Lately, I have been a rebel and a non-conformist. I have taken Facebook off of my phone last January. It can not be totally taken off. It can only be deactivated. They want you to use Facebook and give it access to your location. I decided not to play along. It makes me feel like a rebel and a free thinker.

Ultimately I think I would be better off if I kept most of the friends and got rid of Facebook. It seems like Facebook has too much power these days. The good news is that we don’t have to use Facebook.

fall sunrise
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