Younger buyers want technology

App to control heating, cooling and monitor home temperature

Research suggests that younger home buyers like homes that use technology.  (I won’t use the M word). The good news is that even old homes  can be retrofitted to be “smart”.

My own home was build in the 1850’s and it has a smart thermostat, cameras with motion detectors, an Amazon Echo and several electrical outlets and some lights that can be controlled with smart phone apps or by voice.

Home buyers should keep this in mind when they go to buy a home. Technology is ever changing and what is really hot today might not even exist in ten years. Technology changes all the time but a good homes can last for centuries.

When we bought our home there was no such thing as Wifi or smart phones. We had wiring for land line phones and cable TV.  Built-in intercom systems used to be all the rage, now there are wifi versions that can be added to any home.

When our home was built it did not have central heating, electricity or indoor plumbing. All of those amenities were added as they became available and affordable for home owners.

Homeowners who want to make their homes more attractive to younger buyers can upgrade their thermostats and add some electrical outlets and light switches that can be controlled through WiFi.

Add an intercom and a doorbell that has voice and video. Smart locks can be added so that doors can be locked or unlocked by voice or with an app from anywhere.

People of all ages use technology. I’ll bet having a doorbell that has an intercom and a camera would attract a few baby boomers too.

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