We don’t all share the same definition of clean

Sometimes buyers are disappointed when they move into their new home and find that it needs some cleaning.

Home sellers should clean everything of have it cleaned but that doesn’t always work out because we don’t all have the same definition of clean.

The best practice is to hire a professional cleaning service. Some even offer “move out cleaning”. The service will clean every surface and wash the windows too.

Buyers can also ask for cleaning in the purchase agreement. The most common requests are for carpet cleaning.

My own standards for clean seem to be higher than most. The term clean seems to be subjective which is why I recommend hiring professionals.

Be aware that even after a home has been professionally cleaned it won’t be clean enough for some. Cleaning or lack of cleaning can be a major pain point when buying or selling a home.

Buyers should always ask for a final walk through of the home before the closing so they can make sure it is in good repair and is clean.

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